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Message from our President
       Our success in the Air-Sea -transport industry over the past twenty years is because of our commitment to excellence in providing comprehensive international logistic solutions to small and large businesses alike. At the heart of our approach is the low with high quality that longstanding relationships are built on trust. Whatever your sphere of activity, you are sure to benefit from our experience as our staff will keep your business up to date in all areas of international cargo movement.

Mr.Pongsak Limchaikul       

       Cntrans Express is Thailand 's leading independently owned international freight forwarder. Our team of highly trained freight forwarders have over 20 years experience in interstateand international Air freight and Sea freight, with the required knowledge and skills to meet all your shipping needs. As a Cntrans customer, you will benefit from the advantages of our world-class logistics providing, efficient shipping practices and strategic industry alliances, for a complete, guaranteed low cost freight forwarding service.
       Low Cost International Freight Forwarding. Cntrans, we consistently provide our customers with low cost freight forwarding solutions. We’re able to achieve this through effective air freight and sea freight import and export processes. We organise your delivery internally, which means we have complete control of your shipment from it’s origin to it’s destination. This minimises unnecessary handling of your shipment and cuts out middle margins. Our broad knowledge of documentation requirements, transportation costs, government regulations and banking practices, means your consignment arrives at the required destination as quickly, securely, and cost effectively as possible.

       Professional, Reliable Freight Forwarders You Can Trust. Our team of global logistics experts and freight forwarders work closely with leading Thailand road, rail, sea and air transporters to provide you with a reliable, trusted freight forwarding service. These partnerships allow us to develop tailored freight forwarding solutions with careful consideration of important factors such as speed of delivery and cost. Cntrans 's freight forwarding service is founded on constant analysis of international data, so that we always provide the best service and rates.


3-3/1 Conair Place Chongnonsee Rd.,Nonsee Bangkok ,Thailand
Tel: 02-295-0111 Fax: 02 2951867-8
E-mail : somsak@cntrans.co.th, lawan@cntrans.co.th